Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Maintaining a clean commercial environment is essential, especially when creating an atmosphere to encourage staff productivity, after all an unkempt commercial building can leave employers and employees stressed. Many companies across various sectors choose to outsource their commercial cleaning needs to a dedicated service instead of hiring a full-time employed cleaner to fulfil duties in-house; this ensures that they are met with a space cleaned to the highest standard courtesy of a reliable contractor.


Finding a suitable Commercial Cleaning Company Northampton however can often be daunting for owners of both commercial and industrial properties, but by doing a little research and listening to recommendations from other commercial enterprises in the area you can become one step closer to finding a contractor that fits into your commercial environment with results that are more than spick and span!

Start by asking friends, family members, employees and fellow employers from neighbouring business premises about their experiences with commercial cleaning companies to get a feel for what you can expect from your very own service. Not only will discussing your needs help you pick up some valuable tips, you will also be able to quickly sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to companies that people love and ones to avoid. Once you have gathered a few names, approach each for an initial, no-obligation quote, making sure you fully disclose your needs to get an accurate quote that suits your budget.


The majority of companies will need to survey your commercial or industrial building before offering a quotation for the work involved and this is usually free of charge. The survey or consultation enables the cleaning professional to get full details of your commercial cleaning needs and will be an opportunity for you to get all the information you require regarding the service you can expect for the time and costs involved. The price you are quoted will vary widely and will be based on your needs and wants, as well as the size and design of your commercial space. The amount of furnishings present may also influence your quote.


Obviously costing and pricing is very relevant within the selection process, as well as whether the commercial cleaning company offers any contractual discount options, which can be considered when looking to reduce the outsourced cleaning function. One will often times find that a once off cleaning contract will be somewhat more costly than that of a contracted option, thereby making it well worth considering for your business cleaning needs.

Convinced you have found the contractor for you? Before you sign on the dotted line make sure you fully check the company out, a little research can reveal a lot about a prospective outsource partner. Look into their history, registration, insurance coverage and credentials to ensure you hire a company with a proven track record.


Adequate qualifications, experience and insurance are crucial elements within this decision-making process. In the event of the latter occurring one will want the peace of mind that any such incident will be covered by the Commercial Cleaning Company Northampton or their insurers. The aspects of qualifications and experience are also normally forthcoming within companies who have vetted their employees, something of which is normally advertised by the company concerned.

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