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What Are You Looking for in Your Next Office?

To find an office that meets you needs, you have to know what those needs are in the first place. You can then search for an office that will be suitable for your requirements, giving you everything you need to get out of it. To identify those needs, you should think about the shortfalls of your current office building. Perhaps there isn’t enough storage? Do you find that the sound proofing leaves a lot to […]


Choosing a Serviced Office

A serviced office means an office that comes with everything a business needs. It should be fully manned, with staff on the reception desk and available to help you when needed. There should be all the basics, including a kitchen and toilets, as well as office equipment like telephones, telephone connections and internet. Serviced offices are often popular with new businesses. They give the business an address that they can register, and they have everything […]


3 Nifty Gadgets for Your Office Desk

We all like to personalise our desks, that’s what they’re there for right? To get you in the mood for an office desk refresh, we’ve taken a look at the best gadgets n the market, and here are three standout options: Desk Phone Dock – This is a device that lets you charge your phone and answer incoming calls on the included handset, one that’s big like a landline phone. It’s comfortable to hold and […]


Buying Used Office Furniture

There is one obvious advantage that stands out when you buy used office furniture; it’s extremely cheap. When you kit out your office space with the latest furniture, you’ll find that standard desks and chairs can cost a significant amount, and there are plenty of used items to be found in auction houses and second hand stores. Too many startup businesses make the mistake of buying ‘flashy’ expensive office equipment and then soon going out […]


Make Your Rental Space Productive

Many businesses opt for rental spaces, especially companies that do not have an on-site admin area. The only problem is, you’re usually given an empty room without any furniture or inspiration, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You may only require a couple of desks, chairs and computers in an office, but if you’re going to have staff in there quite often then it could be better to take more control of the […]