Unusual Office Equipment

Maybe you’re restocking the office and you need to get some new equipment. A new office chair, some staplers. The usual office supplies that are required.

How about adding some unique and fun ornaments into your workspace? Available on officeplayground.com are many new office add-ons that you probably never thought of.

Mini Office Bins. Shaped like real trash disposal bins that you see on the street. These bins are cute and functional, adding that subtle sense of humour to your desk.

Desktop Gargoyle. Perhaps you want to get your work done in peace today. Well a desktop gargoyle can help ward off any unwanted visitors.

Solar Dancing Flower. Add some life to your desktop with a dancing flower. Adorable and fun this flower livens up the desk with colour and movement.

Newton’s Cradle.  A classic desk add-on. Seen in offices everywhere, the ever popular newton’s cradle is both stylish and interesting.


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