How to Keep Premises Secure in the Backdrop of Rising Crime Reports in London

The city of London tops among UK areas with the highest cases of property burglaries per square kilometre according to recent statistics. That points to a growing need for enhanced security features among residential and commercial premises. Indeed, awareness about roller shutter grilles London seems to be growing owing to the need for provide premises with a reasonable degree of security. With several options available, it is important to learn about what factors one needs to consider in order to find just the right items.

How to Choose Roller Shutters

These come in different sizes and shapes, some can be operated electrically, others by hand. The majority of them are made from aluminium laths, which are meant to run on tracks on either side of a door or window. Because of their unique build, they are known to be resistant to corrosion. They provide heavy-duty protection and prevent potential intruders from seeing what might be inside your premises. One can find roller shutters that suit different needs. For instance, countertop shutters are perfect for service counters such as canteens and kiosks while loading dock shutters are suitable for warehouses and factories. Ventilated shutters are recommended for thoroughfares and carparks while sectional shutters are meant for low headroom. 

Note that, apart from aluminium, other materials may be used. For instance, wooden shutters can be used where to add a fashionable appeal for interior decor purposes. PVC shutters are popular for their ability to withstand seasonal changes while steel shutters are reputed for their durability and ability to provide an effective security barrier. Overall, aluminium is the most preferred choice since it is lightweight, long-lasting and aesthetically appealing.

How to Choose Grilles

Debate on roller shutter grilles London often indicates that security grilles can offer a more cost-effective solution to shutters. It is no wonder external grilles are gaining popularity among residential homeowners – particularly ones looking to secure their doors and windows that open on to back alleys. Grilles are more than just a deterrent as they provide a strong physical barrier which effective even when the premises are unoccupied. Another benefit to using grilles is that they are better in appearance – as they can be stacked behind curtains. Cost-wise, sliding grilles are more affordable than an equivalent roller shutter. But perhaps the best thing about this option is the cost of maintenance. Unlike rollers that require an electric motor to run, grilles can require little or no attention to function. The biggest worry when using this anti-burglary approach is that the metal work may transform a home to look like a prison cell. Luckily, this has been taken care of because there are many decorative designs available.

There are different types of grilles, each suited for a different role. Iron bar grilles are recommended for external fittings while mesh ones are perfect for internal fitting. Those looking to secure small windows and front door panels can opt for step-pattern grilles with a powder coat finish.

Final Word

Tough times call for tough measures. Given the alarming cases of insecurity being reported nowadays, it is important to be on the safe side. An investment in roller shutters or grilles can help one prevent unfortunate loss of property or invasion of privacy. However, one should work with an expert to arrive at the best possible alternative.

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