Loft conversion has seen a rise among many homeowners. This is due to the fact that people maximise the use of their homes. There are a number of tips to help you through this process successfully.

Get permission – Make sure you go through the planning permission and regulatory processes.

Do your research – Determine whether the loft is suitable for conversion before starting anything. There’s no point of planning and later realising that it is not possible or suitable to build a loft.

Cover the cost – Set aside the money for the loft conversion. It is always advisable to add an extra 15%, you might run out of money and the projects is not finished.

Extend or convert – Some people are happy to just convert their loft and the space that comes with, but you can go a step further and extend and make the best out of the room.

Go green – With the above tips, loft conversion will no longer be a tiring process.