Office Fits Outs – Customising Your Interior

A new office calls for a new, personalised interior. If you are having a new office built from scratch or you are buying a new office, then think about the difference a professional interior could make. Interior office fit outs will take everything into consideration, from the colour of the walls to the suspended ceilings and electrics. It should be a full. all-round service that will leave you with an office you will love – and, just as importantly, that you can use exactly as you want.

Office interiors might be more important than you think. Here are some of the reasons why a fit out might help you:

  • It gives you all the storage you need. Design your office to make sure it will have plenty of space for storage, making it a safe environment where people can work and avoid trip hazards.
  • You can plan the space to your specifications. Good fit out companies also offer space planning services to help you put together a design that is personal and that works around you. They will draw up plans to make your office work for you.
  • The interior should look professional. Choose a design that represents your business well. From the furniture you choose to the layout of the office (open plan, meeting rooms, breakout zones etc.), everything will meet your needs.
  • You can start from scratch. Your office should be your own. A fit out service allows you to fit it around you and make the space work for your team.

These are some of the factors a good fit out service should consider:

  • How you want to use the space
  • Installations, like electrics, heating and plumbing
  • Furniture and layout
  • Space planning
  • Usability
  • The size of your team

Spend plenty of time planning a fit out. The company should take the time to sit down with you and go through your exact requirements, and they should give you options so that you have plenty of input throughout the process. Once they have designs and plans, they will be able to show you. CAD drawings and models can help you to visualise the space and understand whether it will be right for you.

If you are planning on fitting out a new office, here are some of the things to consider:

  • What impression do you want to make? Think about new people coming into the building, like clients or new members of staff.
  • How do you work? Is there a lot of collaborative work? Do certain people need some soundproof space where they can work alone?
  • How can you make the most of the space you have? Unless you build an extension, you won’t be able to gain more office space. Use what you have carefully and think about how you can make the most of it.
  • Is your company expanding? Think about how you can fit in extra furniture, storage space, and facilities as the team continues to grow.
  • Have you chosen the right fit out company? Research them thoroughly and feel secure in your decision.

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