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DQS LPO provide quality research within a brief. Most significantly, we customize Intellectual Property Support Services to fulfill the person needs of every Intellectual Property Law Firms. Looking on specific requirement, we control multi-level searches and list essentially the mostsome of the most relevant results. Our IT infrastructure, regimented security features, skilled IT resources and total confidentiality policy be sure that Intellectual Property Copyright details and trademark and patent searches remain completely safe.

LitigationSupport the world over necessarily requires review and assessment lot of paper work, including different and important information. The audit process requires valuable time, and the eye of analytical minds to comprehend, arrange, sift information, and present important, case-specific information.

We assists clients in patentability searches for determining whether the product/invention under audit could be legally patented. Even minor inventions can have business potential and patenting these in time may also help protect the identical. It’s also possible to secure inventions relating to processes and strategies of producing which clients wouldn’t want your competitors to duplicate.

DQS LPO covers privacy issues relating to outsourcing, e-discovery, employee data, e-commerce, loyalty programs, joint ventures and strategic alliances, international transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and international data transfers.

We serve our clients in highly regulated industries, including securities, financial services, and health care. We also represent businesses in privacy-related litigation, and we propose with respect to security breaches and computer crimes.

DQS LPO provide you trademark and patent services, Trademarks are required to defending your brand identity and want to be protect your brand. This may however be complex and time consuming exercise. DQS LPO delivers the best trademark support services on your needs.

About DQS LPO: DQS LPOhas knowledgeable and committed team of lawyers, IT, technical experts & topic, chartered accountants and other industry specific consultants. DQS LPO as team specialise in industry sectors & diverse fields of law which give complete and quality services.

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