3 Nifty Gadgets for Your Office Desk

We all like to personalise our desks, that’s what they’re there for right? To get you in the mood for an office desk refresh, we’ve taken a look at the best gadgets n the market, and here are three standout options:

  1. Desk Phone Dock – This is a device that lets you charge your phone and answer incoming calls on the included handset, one that’s big like a landline phone. It’s comfortable to hold and it has the office feel, but it’s affordable too.
  2. USB Hoover – this is a neat device that allows you to clean you desk area. The computer powers it, and it’s perfect for getting those crumbs from chocolates and crisps.
  3. Desktop Organizer – This is a multipurpose hub for small items like phones, jewellery, money, post it notes and money among other small everyday items.

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