Reducing Council Tax on Your Property

When you manage a few properties, a considerable part of the upkeep consists in council charges. However, you may be able to reduce these charges.

The council tax system was established in 1993. As part of the system all properties in the UK were assigned a rating (ranging from A – H). Over time however the value of properties has fluctuated, and with it so to has this rating.

Not all properties have changed, but many have. Because of this the amount of council tax you pay could have changed without you realising or being informed of it.

To check if your properties council tax charges have been changed contact the local council. They will inform you if you are eligible to save money on these charges. It’s also wise to see if you are entitled to any discounts and exemptions from the council. For example, if you own a second home or holiday home you may be entitled to a council tax discount of up to 50%.

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